Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase works available on the shop tab? 


Just send me an email titled “purchase inquiry” and include a brief description of the work you wish to purchase. I do not include shipping in my prices as shipping prices can vary greatly, and i do offer free local delivery in specific cases. This also allows for me to take both cash and e transfer rather than processing purchases through third-party sites that take cuts of my revenue, savings which I can then pass on to you, my customer. Emails and requests for specific works will be processed on a first come first serve basis to ensure as much fairness as possible without adding costs for the customer. 


How do you price your work? 


One of the most important things for me is to ensure that I create works that both maintain a high quality, but don’t break the bank.  I offer a wide variety of styles and sizes of work in hopes to best offer an option to everyone. If you are looking for custom work and are unsure of its cost feel free to reach out for a quote, and if you include your budget I am always happy to suggest alternate ideas (sizing, or style) that would best suit your price point. 


How about framing? 


I am currently working towards establishing an infrastructure that would allow me to offer custom framing for my works at a much lower price than most establishments. I am aiming to use mainly reclaimed frames in order to best serve the environment and offer lower costs. This however is not ready yet. In the meantime, I am happy to provide guidance on achieving your desired framing at a lower cost than most custom framers. 


Why do small/medium watercolour paintings start at a much lower price than oil paintings? 


Watercolour painting is cheaper for a variety of reasons. Mainly that my style of watercolour paintings (up to a certain size) often take from an hour to a day to complete, whereas small oil paintings take at least a full day, and larger works can take up to weeks to complete.


How do I commission you?


Either contact me through my email or the contact tab on my website. If you DM me on Instagram I should see it however I cannot guarantee your message won't be lost among the mess. In your message include any of your ideas, name any previous works of mine that may have sparked your interest so that I can best help see your vision, and any details about the size, style that you have in mind. This information makes it easiest for me to give you a price quote, as well as a list of options or directions the work could go. If you have a specific budget you would like to aim for feel free to include this, this way even if what you have in mind would be of a different price point I can provide a list of options to capture your vision.


How does shipping work?


At the present time, I do my shipping through Canada post with the option to meet up with local customers to save on this time and cost. Shipping options for watercolour works range from 2-6$ for untracked standard letter mail shipment and 12-40$ for upgraded shipping with tracking (prices vary depending on the shipping time you request. Standard untracked shipping is included for free with orders that can be sent through the letter mail. Upgraded letter mail shipping starting at 12$ includes basic tracking and 100$ for insurance. 


Larger orders and works that are done on canvas are calculated on a case-by-case basis as these require special packaging and shipping in order to ensure the safety of the work.  


How does payment work? 


Payment for orders is processed through e-transfer, though cash is acceptable for local orders. Custom work requires a 50% deposit prior to me starting the commission. 


When do you post new works for sale? 


New works will be announced on my Instagram page @blake.vdh . Sign up for email reminders and follow me on Instagram (@blake.vdh) or Facebook (@blakevdh) for reminders to get the first choice when new works are released