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Grimsby 100: Bell Box Mural


This mural pictures a farmer, on a tractor, raking a hay field. The image changes from grey scale to full colour as the tractor moves across the frame. This was done to represent the long tradition of farming in rural Grimsby. This Bell box mural lies on the edge of the ever-shrinking rural space and it was important that it reflected an experience of those who have lived here throughout the past century. This mural is a celebration of the past and the present, focusing on a narrative of those who often get overlooked in the stories of our community. Though not as prevalent as they once were, many small-scale farms  provide Grimsby with much of  the beautiful produce and other goods that fuel our food supply chain. This mural is dedicated to the strong community of farmers who continue to pass on the tradition.



102 Mountain Road 
Grimsby, Ontario


More about the Bell Box Project

(From their Facebook) 

"The Bell Boxes Murals Project is a community-engaged street art program of Community Matters, a nonprofit based in the St James Town neighbourhood of Toronto.

Every summer we produce a number of separate community projects in partnership with other local organizations. Open calls for submission are posted on our Facebook page from April to July and artists can apply to as many projects as they wish. Artists are usually selected for each project by a local community jury." 

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