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I'm Zoe-Blake, I make art in a variety of styles and media. On this site you can find Pre-made works for sale, or look through my gallery for custom painting, handmade card and drawing ideas

Featured works

Some of my favorite custom pieces

fsh cup.jpg

Sunrise Breakfast 

This 24"x30" oil painting captures the colours from the interior design in its room while incorporating objects that were significant to the client. Still lives such as these are great ways to showcase important family objects and memories

Family Home 

This 22"x30" watercolor painting was created as a conversation piece to capture the beauty and memories of a family home. An especially great gift for someone who is moving or to showcase renovations. 

Custom Yeti

This custom painted YETI cup is a great gift idea for those with limited wall space or when you just want something to bring with you. 2 months later with constant use its still looking great